Will ALGERIA become the first foreign client of the Russian Su-57 5th generation fighter?

Algeria has long been speculated to be the first client for Russia’s Su-57 next generation fighter jet – a platform which entered mass production in July 2019 but has yet to join the Russian Air Force. While reports of an Algerian order for the Su-57 have not been verified, a recent image of the country’s Defence Ministry shows Su-57 fighters operating alongside Algerian Su-30 fighters, frigates and T-90 tanks – giving considerable credibility to reports that the country is in fact planning to field the aircraft.

Algeria has been a leading client for state of the art Russian arms for decades, many of which entered service in the Algerian Military before they officially entered service in Russia itself. The country’s air force is considered the most modern and capable on the African continent, with Algeria itself ranked as 13th in the world among military powers as of 2020.

The backbone of the Algerian Air Force is currently comprised of Su-30MKA heavyweight fighters, MiG-29C medium fighters and Su-24M strike fighters – with a unit of heavily modernised MiG-25 Foxbat interceptors also deployed for air defence. READ MORE HERE